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  • Some funny tibia articles:

    Tibia Funny : (During Tibia gamemasters' dedicated work to help the community they also experience funny and absurd situations every now and then. )

    Me: Hello (30 seconds later, character hunting)
    Me: Please answer
    Botter: exura (1 minute later, character still hunting)
    answer me
    Botter: YEYE (finally)
    Botter: exura
    Me: Stop moving
    Botter: kk
    Botter: exura
    Me: What took you so long to answer me?
    Botter: you don't wanna know :(
    Me: I do
    Me: Tell me
    Botter: don't force me to lie
    Me: Then don't lie
    Me: Tell me why you didn't answer
    Botter: Just ban me for macro using

    The next day, he gave me a complaint : "I had no macro. I asked my little brother to play while I went to the bathroom quickly and I told him not to talk to anybody." And the little brother is accused, poor him: "I got my little brother to play for me ... and he doesn't really understand what a GM is .. I told him not to speak to anyone because he would get me killed. But don't you worry I have punished him very badly and now he isn't allowed to sleep with me when he has nightmares, that will teach him...



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